Permanent Eyelash Extension in Kolkata

Every woman should have the privilege to look good! Eyelashes, from the ancient times have been seen as the key ingredient in a woman’s beauty. Many are blessed with the dense and long eyelashes, which give your eyes a deeper and better look. But not all are born the same. If you have not so good looking eyelashes, or if your eyelashes are very short, then permanent eyelash extension should be your choice!

Clear the Cloud!

 There is a general misconception among women, that permanent eyelash extensions in Kolkata are a costly affair. Then there are others who believe it to be harmful for the eyes. We tell you, they are all misconceptions. It is 100% safe, in short term as well as long term, to have such extensions done. Come visit us at N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar and we will offer great services at rates that will not make you overstretch the budget.

It’s Safe, Lasting & Beautiful

Our permanent eyelash extensions are aimed at lasting longer and being of low maintenance. Once done, the eyelashes can last for many weeks and with intermittent touch-ups it can last even longer. So, when are you visiting us?

Implementing permanent eyelash extensions is an art and professionals at N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar, are experts in this art. After a session at our salon, you will look natural as well as beautiful. Extravagance does not work well with eyelash extensions, because they look unreal. This is why, our eyelash extension sessions are often preceded by consultation. When you walk up to our salon, one of our experienced eyelash experts would consult you on the right size and type of lashes. We make sure that eyelashes match well with the face shape and skin tone of the client. At N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar, you can choose from Classic, Dramatic or Barbie style eyelashes, whichever suits your lifestyle and looks.

Over the years, we have always given utmost priority to client satisfaction. So, we never compromise with the quality of cosmetics used during the process. We use medicated grade adhesive from only the best brands, so there is no fear of allergies when you walk into our salon. Permanent eyelash extensions in Kolkata session with us lasts for 2-3 hours and during that time all you have to do is lean back on a comfortable reclining chair and relax. When you open the eyes next, you would be amazed by the change we have brought about to your looks.