Nail Spa services in Kolkata

Our nail spa services in Kolkata are a great excuse to indulge in some “me-time”. Completely refreshing and stylish, a session with us can turn you into style diva of the group! Nail art is the new fashion fad and we have coupled that with the relaxing experience of manicure and pedicure to offer supreme satisfaction to the clients. A typical nail spa session with us takes you through the comfortable experience of foot and hand cleansing, nail cutting, shaping and cuticle softening. This is followed by a ultimately comforting massage. So, there is a lot to indulge in, before you receive a dash of colors and style to the nails.

If it already sounds exciting, let us tell you the real deal. After the foot and hand massages are done, our nail artists get on with decorating your nails. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, to match your exact needs. You can even choose the exact type of gels and polishes that would be applied on your nails. All cosmetics used during the nail spa sessions belong to the reputed brands only.

Whether you like the sophisticated and classical look or the trendy and funky look, for your nail, we would have plenty of options dished out for you. If it is too hard to decide, just sit back and let our nail art expert give you the best advices. All our nail artists are well trained and have an eye for perfection. With one of our nail artists working on your nails nothing can go wrong. So, you can just close your eyes and rest keeping aside all the worldly tensions. And when you open your eyes, you would instantly fall in love with your hands and feet!

Our nail spa services in Kolkata are well liked, and we know that because our clients keep returning back whenever they need some relaxation with a promise of great style. We are not one of those salons who are contended to serve their clients one-time; we want you to make us your preferred choice of salon. And we are quite ready to go that extra mile to make you happy.

With the festive season just round the corner, everyone is planning for their glamorous night out. You can plan for that and something extra with our nail spa services in Kolkata. When you walk out of N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar, you would be met by admiring gazes and envious admirations. Now, you would like that, won’t you?

Come, let us style you up!