The Nail & Lash Bar offering Unique Nail Art Studio in Kolkata. Nail art is the new fashion quotient everyone is talking about. Gone are the days when nail arts were adorned only by the hippies, today it has become a great new way to look different and attractive. Women have always liked coloring their nails, nail art presents the opportunity to only color but design your nails! There some nail art studios in Kolkata, but they often let down their clients with lack of design uniqueness.

Nail art studio in kolkata

If you truly want to stand out in the crowd and want all the compliments, you so deserve, on your next family or friends gathering or occasion then you have to check out what we offer at N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar. It is our good fortune to have served not only many style connoisseurs of Kolkata but also silver-screen stars, models and showbiz artists. Some of our clients, after visiting our unique nail art studio in Kolkata deciding to visit no other!

If you thought nails were only meant to be decorated with colorful nail polish, then you are wrong. The reputed nail artists from N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar see your nail as their canvas. Let them dress up your nail with colors, designs and accessories – and you are sure to love your nails like never before!

N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar, has emerged as one of the go to salons for nail art in Kolkata. Our clientele comprises of silver-screen stars, models, showbiz artists as well as style connoisseurs. What separates us from other nail art studio in Kolkata salons; is our dedication and creativity to offer the best results. While keeping our prices moderate, we use materials from reputed brands during our nail art sessions. N & L The Nail & Lash Bar, offering best nail art studio service in Kolkata.

It is not just about style, but nail care

Though nail art in Kolkata is always talked about in the same breath as style. Nail care has many other health benefits, which often go unstated. Some of these include:Unique Nail Art Studio in Kolkata

  • Offers smooth contours of nails
  • Witness wrinkle free nails
  • Hides other blemishes of nails and surrounding areas
  • Stops the breaking of nail’s edges
  • Gives tidy, strong and well shaped nails
  • Increases the flexibility and suppleness of hands and wrists
  • Improves the blood flow to hand and leads to healthy skin

Flaunt your nails…

Nail art sessions are best suited for big occasions or outings. Styled nails give you the self confidence and uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. Our clients like to book for nail art sessions before:

  • Big events
  • Family or friend’s reunion
  • Family functions
  • Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays
  • Festivals
  • And any other occasion they deem important

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