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Leave behind your old days of single tone nail polishes, because the recent fashion fad is here. And it goes by the Nail Art Spas in Kolkata name of “nail art”. Never thought that your nails could be canvas for a beautiful piece of art? Come and visit our Nail Art Spas in Kolkata to check it out yourself. What you see, you will definitely love! Your nails would be tended by professionals who know how to care for your nails as well as have the perfect artistic sense to make them look gorgeous.

nail art spas in kolkataSo, before visiting the next gala event, do care to visit one of the best nail art spas in Kolkata. We would turn you into the center of attraction and give you that x-factor you so deserve to stand out in the crowd. Whether it is a formal occasion or a party frenzy, we have the perfect designs to suit your needs. You can even choose designs to match the personality you want to showcase. Exude a cool and carefree personality with vibrant shades with trendy patterns. Or remain natural and sophisticated with the soft classical tones and patterns. The choice is yours.

But, our nail art sessions are not all about painting your nails. It all begins with cleaning and caring for your nails. Breaking nails, nails with ugly rough edges, or nail surfaces with blotches do not look good. We care for them and try to get rid of the abnormalities first. With the proper use of cleansers, polish removers and the mastery of our professionals we restore the health factor. So, that your nails not only look good, but they are also healthy inside! Here you can find the most beautiful and unique Kolkata nail art spas.

In all our services, we keep a close eye on quality and the client’s long term well being. So, all the cosmetics, gels, paints and cleansers are premium quality and do not cause any side effects. We have an envious list of customers, with many silver screen stars, fashion divas and other reputed personalities being in our list of clients. More than 90% of our customers are not one-timers – they come, see, use, like and come back again and again. This would definitely give us the license to call ourselves – one of the best nail art spas Kolkata.

So, now that we have told you everything when should we book your appointment for a rejuvenating nail art and spa session?

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