Best Professional Eyelash Extension in Kolkata

Admirations such as these give us the confidence to call ourselves best professional eyelash extension in Kolkata salon. We measure our success and growth by the number of happy smiles we have brought on the faces of our clients. While many other salons look at revenues to be their important yardsticks, for us it is the recurring clients! Now, how do we attain a high loyalty rate among our customers? The answer is with some simple philosophies.

Quality is everything

More than 70% of the women face severe itching and allergies after their eyelash extension session. This happens when the salon tries to cut corners and uses sub-standard cosmetics in the process. We understand that eyelids are the most sensitive parts, and their wellbeing should not be compromised. This is why we always use fully medicated adhesives from only the reputed brands in our eyelash extension sessions. The beauty and comfort you attain after a session with us, owes a great deal to the expertise our professionals have. Our trained professionals do not cause any pricks or aches through the session that is the magic of their hands. You can just sit back, close your eyes and relax when one of our professionals is attending you.

Choices to match your looks

Whether you want to change your looks or refurbish them, we would have the ideal eyelash extensions for you. Depending on the type of persona you want to project to the onlookers we have certain options ready. Classic, Dramatic or Barbie style eyelashes are some of the options you can choose among, depending on your lifestyle and personality. If you are stuck, do not worry; let our experts analyze your face and eyes to come up with the perfect eyelashes to alleviate your looks.

Lasting Beautification

Many clients come to us with the conception that eyelash extensions are just one day affair. They stay for you during a day and then you lose the looks you spent time and money on. Well, it’s time to re-set the expectations. Visit N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar, to get eyelash extensions that remain intact for as long as 4 to 5 weeks (depending on the growth of your eyelashes and how well you maintain them). With some periodical refill you can keep wearing this new look!

“N&L,The Nail & Lash Bar is my favourite salon. I have visited their salon for the last three times I required any beautification for a special day. Each time, the salon with its caring and expert staff have left me amazed with a makeover of my looks. I have even recommended them to some close friends and they too have all praises for N&L, The Nail & Lash Bar.”

-Sugandha Mukherjee

Now that you know where to head for the best professional eyelash extension in Kolkata, when can we expect to meet you?