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Nail salon in kolkataN & L, The Nail & Lash Bar one of the best nail salons in Kolkata. Healthy looking nails are important to have healthy looking hands. Visit our best nail salons in Kolkata, Ugly spots and blotches in the nails can be quickly hid with the application of nail polish, but is that the definitive cure? What about your problems with breaking nails? Do you want to get over that too? The simple solution of many nail related problems you face every day is to walk into N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar and go through a relaxing session of nail art and care. Though, mostly promoted as a means to add style, which is also one of the large benefits, nail art and cure sessions can also help women overcome several deficiencies in their nails. Being one of the nail salon in Kolkata, we can do a great work on finding long term solutions!

Invest in only the best

Nail art can be the best style addition to your life. It makes you the center of attraction in all the family, social or friends gathering. Those admiring gazes at your nails make you feel really proud of taking the decision of designing your nails. But before you undergo nail art sessions, make sure that the best nail salons in Kolkata, in the most reputed one in the city.

Nail Salon in Kolkata

N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar is one of the best nail salons in Kolkata not only because of a revered client base but also due to the amount of care we take to serve each and every client. For us, nail art is not about filling your nails with colors and some pre-decided shapes. For our nail artists, your nails are the canvas on which we can showcase our talents. We stay updated with the latest trends in the nail art industry and try to implement them during our sessions, albeit with a touch of creativity. Call Us  our best nail salons in Kolkata

best nail salons in kolkataA nail art session well done can be refreshing and oozing with style. But if you have it done from a not so reputed and imaginative salon then it can ruin both your nail health and style quotient. There are many salons which cut corners to work with inexperienced nail artists or sub-standard nail polish or gels. You won’t get any of that at N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar. We assure that an experienced and creative nail artist will be at your service and would apply cosmetics from only the most reputed brands during the process. All these qualities in our service have earned us the right to call Us 9836280494 our selves the best nail salons in Kolkata.

Seasonal Designs or Trendy Designs

The nail design choices you will confront after walking into N & L, The Nail & Lash Bar are huge. This is why it pays dividends to define your needs to the nail artist. If you are prepping up for a wedding, family function or festival then visit best nail salons Kolkata the traditional, not too loud designs would be the perfect fit. While if you are styling up for a party, event or even romantic date – the trendy and colorful designs could work wonders.

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